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Hancock County Museum

2 Projects Completed

Before and After Project 1



Our Restoration was Featured in the

Herald Star Newspaper!!!

Check it out by clicking the link below:

Restoration Project 1 Gallery

Project Details:

  • Front Gable

  • Picture Gable

  • Side Box Gutters

  • Restoration of 200 4" decorative gable end tiles - 100 Decorative Freeze Panel Tiles

Restoration Project 2 Gallery

Project Details:

  • Back Porch and Front Porch

    • Included New Decorative columns

    • New wood railing assemblies

    • Wainscot Ceiling

    • New entrance steps and handrails

    • New Decorative Box Gutter and Corbels

    • Front Porch only

      • Striped and reprimed and painted

      • Decorative Box Gutter was done

      • Little Reverse Entrance Gable Rebuilt, Hand bilt starburst decoration

      • New entrance Steps and Handrails plus sidewalk

  • Completely rebuilt two large gable ends including new period style windows

    • Restoration of all decorative tile work and facing

    • 70 ft of Ornate box gutter and 16 Decorative Corbels

Before and After Photos with some extras mixed in!
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